Polar Vortex

A ‘Polar Vortex’ is also known as a polar cyclone, polar low, or a circumpolar whirl.  Here on Earth, the polar vortices are located in the  middle and upper troposphere and the stratosphere.  These cold-core low-pressure areas strenghten in the winter and weaken in the summer due to their reliance upon the temperature differential between the equator and the poles.  Or, in more simple terms this means…IT’S REALLY COLD!!! Welcome to Forest Lake, Minnesota, a suburb of the Twin Cities.  Upon waking this morning the acutal air temperature was a blustery -24 degrees with a windchill temperature of -40 degrees! For the 3rd time this season our local school district is closed due to frigid temperatures.  One of those three times, our Govenor closed all schools in Minnesota…YIKES!!

With that said, cabin fever has set in and we are dreaming of Spring and all of the beauty that comes with it.  Unfortunatley, here in Minnesota, Winter can last well into April! Luckily, I get to work for a local florist/greenhouse and in just a few short weeks the store will be filled with roses, lilies, carnations, daisies, balloons and sweet-sweet chocolates (Well, the store is always filled with those things but soon there will be much more)!! Yes, Valentine’s is just around the corner.  So, to help with these mid-winter blues or so called cabin fever, stop into your local florist/greenhouse and get that quick fix of freshness and maybe even bring home some cheer with a fresh bunch of flowers.  It’s amazing what a little flower power can do!!

Until next time, stay warm!

polar vortes


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