Breath of fresh air!!

As I mentioned in my last post, the greenhouse is now open!!! You can only imagine the excitement , joy and the amount of smiles we are seeing on people’s faces when they get a glimpse of the bright fresh flowers blooming with envy! When you walk through Forest Lake Floral’s greenhouse, it literally puts a little bounce in your step and truly is a breath of fresh air.

Cold tolerant pansies are starting to fly out the door; adding much needed color to many doorsteps across town!! Spring finally has arrived Minnesota!

If you are fortunate enough to live near by, stop in and enjoy the Spring beauty. If you are miles away, you are still in luck. Check out our website and order some fresh pansies for yourself or someone you love! We not only have pansies but hydrangea, geraniums, succulents, Easter Lilies and much more! We deliver near and far…from across the street to across the country! ENJOY!!

“It’s Spring! We are so excited, we wet our plants!” – unknown



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