One Stop Shop

In the world today, your options are endless…endless in gift buying, decorating your home, recipes, DIY projects, crafting, photography, your wedding and so much more! The internet has opened us up to a world we never new possible. You can google anything your little heart desires and even if you don’t know what it is that your heart desires-you can find that too!

With social networking, blogs, the ever so popular Pinterest site; you can find, make, create, explore just about anything and anywhere in the world. It’s a competitive market out there and everyone wants your attention and/or business, especially the multibillion dollar wedding industry. Just in the last 10 years since my husband and I got married, the industry has changed so drastically with the mentioned items above! People want unique, creative, out of the ordinary, different from your traditional run of the mill wedding. They want something special for themselves and their guest to remember for a lifetime!!

This past month in June, we hosted a wedding in our Greenhouse, yup in the greenhouse! It was nothing short of amazing…unique…creative…beautiful…different…comfortable yet formal and absolutely memorable! A summer wedding in a floral greenhouse, can’t get much better than that! See attached photos below…

Not only does Forest Lake Floral (gift, garden and home) have stunning floral arrangements, a greenhouse to shop from, a gift store (Blossoms), a coffee shop (Big Apple Bagels), wedding and event rental shop (Something Borrowed) and now an Event Center…this is truly your one stop shop!!

We not only cater to local residents of Forest Lake but many surrounding communities as well. Hugo, Bloomington, St. Paul, Lino Lakes and North Branch residents call on us when they are in need of something special. Forest Lake Floral is open 7 days a week delivering state and nation wide!!

If you have not had a chance to visit us or don’t live near us, take a look at the links below to the sites I have mentioned above. We have something for everyone!

When you are in the market for something creative, different, unique and fun, don’t hesitate to call on us!!



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